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Finding a Profitable Niche
by Analyzing the Market

A niche, in the context we are using it, is defined as a distinct segment of a market. In fact, niche marketing is a phrase that has become extremely popular in an Internet economy that has opened doors to many small business entrepreneurs. Now, appropriately, marketers are embracing the concept of micro niche and even nano niche marketing. The concept behind this is that there is plenty of profit to be found in highly-focused or specialized segments and sub-segments of a broad market (e.g. shoes -> boots -> work boots -> steel-toed work boots).

Niche Product Marketing

Can an Internet marketer using niche affiliate programs or drop-ship arrangements make enough money selling steel-toed work boots to make it worth her or his efforts? Perhaps so. This is what Niche does. We help marketers identify niches, micro niches, and nano niches that are either worthy of pursuit, or not. Maybe you are writing a book that you plan to self-publish and print at $3.85/book and sell at retail for $15/book using a rented mailing list, or perhaps you are considering spending the next 18 months developing a web-based engineering design product to pitch to some angel investors, or, it could be that you just want to sell some weight-loss products online as a affiliate. We will consult with you to help find the relevant numbers that make the final decision very easy.

Niche Analysis Tools and Training

Although our consultants all have advanced degrees in the areas of mathematical sciences, neither the processes nor the mathematics of fundamental niche analysis are advanced at all. The tools to support niche analysis and marketing are actually quite good. It all starts with keywords. You need to know what, precisely, people type into Google, Yahoo, Bing or when they are looking for the solution you propose to offer. Once you know this, what does it mean? One of the best methods for understanding the value of a niche through keyword analysis can be learned by watching one of Adam Short's videos on and by reading some of the articles in the recommended reading list.

Low-cost and effective software for keyword compilation and analysis is listed on the Keyword Research page at This is why we expect most visitors to this site to end up performing their own niche analysis. We are available for anyone who prefers to consult with an experienced niche analyst before deciding on a possibly faulty strategy. Send a description of your product or venture along with your questions to

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