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How to Do Niche Research the Right Way:
Choosing the Best Keywords

One of the biggest questions in the Internet marketing industry is how to do niche research properly. When we are talking about picking a niche, what we mean is picking a targeted market of people that we think we could sell products to using our affiliate network. You are trying to zero in on a small specialized group of people who need and want your product. One of the biggest mistakes that new affiliate marketers make is trying to jump into a broad niche way too soon.

For example, it might seem very tempting to jump immediately into the weight-loss niche because this is such a popular topic for people these days. There are many affiliate marketers who do make a great living marketing to the weight-loss niche. However, generally speaking these are more experienced affiliate marketers who have had the time to build up their network of websites in order to be aggressive enough to be successful at this niche. As a newer Internet marketer, you might want to stay more specialized. Although the market would be smaller, the competition is also greatly reduced thus giving you more of an opportunity to make money and take over an entire niche.

Let's take an example from the real world: one of the best places to do your niche research is using the Google Adwords keyword tool. This free tool will give you information about any keyword that you want input into the system to tell you how many searches that keyword gets per month. Taking the example of weight loss, let's put in the term "weight loss" and see what comes up. As of right now, weight-loss gets a monthly search volume of over 16 million! The number of competing websites for the term “weight loss” is over 57 million exact match and over 99 million for a broad match. If you're determined to get into the weight-loss niche, however, you need to drill down to find a smaller niche within that niche.

Looking further down the list, you see the term "weight loss programs," which gets 301,000 searches per month. This is still a very tough keyword to crack. However if you input "weight loss programs" into the Google keyword tool, you get a whole new list of keywords. This time, you see all kinds of different options for us to consider. For instance, you see "weight loss diet programs" which gets a little over 4000 searches per month. This might be a good niche keyword. The exact match competition in Google is only 26,000 websites. As you can see, it would be a lot easier to overcome 26,000 competing websites that it would be for us to try to overcome 57 million websites.

Another factor to consider when you're talking about niche research is how to find the best niche. You can truly find niches to target all around you matter where you are or what you're doing. For example as you sit there at your computer, you can look around and see a printer, a modem, headphones, a digital camera, a lamp, and a wicker trash basket. You could take any of these items, put them into a keyword research tool, and you could come up with many phrases that you could target online. Another great place to find niches to target would be while watching television. Think about it: advertisers have done a great deal of research and spent a lot of money analyzing their target market and what they want. In essence, they have done your work for you. Now you can take their product ideas, input them into a keyword tool, assess the competition and begin the work of marketing to that group of people.

There are hundreds of ways to do niche research and there isn't any one perfect way. You have to find a method that works for you and assess the competition in a way that you feel you can overcome it.

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